Chris Brogan The Human Businessman

Today I met Chris Brogan.

I went up to the New England Expo in Boston with my father to check things out. I had two goals:

  1. Evaluate what other businesses were doing.
  2. Listen to Chris speak at his keynote on Social Media.

Wasn’t I pleasantly surprised to find Chris on the floor at his Kitchen Table Companies booth. Even more so, surprised at how human he really is. Here are some interesting points I pulled away from meeting Chris for a short moment.

The importance of an Avatar (or YOU)

Chris had actually kind of recognized me.

I post a lot on his blog and tweet to him weekly if not daily. I use the same avatar on Twitter as I do my Disqus (universal blog comments) profile. Because I’ve attached my photo to my social presence, Chris was able to put the face to the name.

Later on in his keynote, he commented how important this was. It was nice to see it working so well!

The importance of being human

One of the most striking things I’ve witnessed anyone do at a networking event happened today.

While talking to Chris, we were interrupted by another personality and keynote speaker. She just had to come in and talk to Chris. She was much more “important” and high profile than us at this event. Probably someone that could pay off ten times for Chris’s career compared to myself.

Without skipping a beat, Chris made sure we were introduced and that we had all the dialogue going as a group. He didn’t allow her to butt in and steal the conversation away from us.

Class act my friend – truly impressive!

The importance of selling

As the other personality continued to talk to Chris about the speaking arrangements for the afternoon, I decided it was time we move on. Before leaving the scene, Chris grabbed me and introduced me to his new product – Home Base Maker.

He didn’t stop and say, “They aren’t buyers.” or “This high profile person is more important.”

He knew the importance of connecting with a customer and investing that 1-on-1 to land a deal. Another note he brought up later in his talk and how his grandfather built a business that way.

Chris Brogan, The Human Businessman

He’s real and I’ve met him – class act on all accounts and a true visionary.

What makes me feel good is that with all the “Pros” and “Gurus” out there – I feel I’m already practicing the theories he preaches. If you’re ever in a moment of doubt, take the time to reflect.

You’re far more ahead of the curve than most.

The fact that you read and subscribe to this blog proves it! : )


4 responses to “Chris Brogan The Human Businessman”

  1. Nice story – it reflects well on your both

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2.  Avatar

    isn’t it fun connecting with humans 😉 love it. pedestals are for cake, not people. Kudos to you for having a goal for the event and connecting with Chris as a person and not as a hero-worshipper.

    1. Thanks a lot! 

      It was great meeting Chris and realizing he’s human too! 😉

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