Celebrating two years of The Matt Report

Two years ago, at WordCamp NYC, the idea for The Matt Report podcast struck me.

Certainly not to the degree that the podcast exists today, but as a small seed nonetheless. We’re almost approaching 100 episodes so it’s a great time to reflect and offer a bonus in celebration of this milestone.

So how did the idea pop into my head?

I was waiting for Andrew Nacin to take the stage and as he walked down the aisle, I heard whispers from other developers:

“Hey it’s Nacin! I’d love to show him what I’m working on, but he would probably laugh at me”

“OMG that’s him!”

If you haven’t been to a WordCamp yet, you really should. It’s a great way to talk to some really smart people and get socially involved — if you would just break out of your shell. That’s the rub. I noticed a large portion of attendees that were afraid to reach out and shake someone’s hand. Introduce themselves and share their life’s work.

That’s why we are all here, to be part of and grow a community. Not just on Twitter, but in real life. Crazy right?

So as Nacin approached the stage and as I heard some of the sheepish remarks, that’s when it hit me — I’m going to interview the great people that make up our WordPress community. I reached out to my local meetup organizer and started with him. I didn’t have a plan or a roadmap for progress — it was very much like tumbling down a mountain and just grasping at roots. Eventually, I found my legs and focused in on fine tuning the podcast and recently brought on an Executive Producer to bring this production to the next level.

I support the production of the podcast by offering a membership portal and consulting services to a select few every year. Today, we’re including a “care package” with your Annual or Intensive consulting signup.

This offer only lasts two weeks



For the next two weeks we are offering a bonus to those that signup for a Matt Report Pro Annual or Intensive membership plans.

What’s in the Care Package: 

  • 1 Year FREE hosting from the great people at SiteGround (Valid for the first 10 signups)
    • For any StartUp, GrowBig or GoGeek plan
    • Only valid for US signups
  • The Modern Business Pro theme from Slocum Studio
    • 1 Domain license
  • Early access to the first version of my new plugin Conductor (Priced at $299, not yet available to the public-Valid for the first 10 signups)
  • Save $100 off the intensive consulting plan
    • Get 4 hours of Matt’s time + all of the benefits of the Pro community. Map out your business plan, get help with marketing, learn the ins and outs of being a WordPress entrepreneur.
  • Because we are starting a Matt Report Pro book club, if you signup by August 8, 2014 you will be entered into a drawing for a copy of How The World Sees You by Sally Hogshead

How to get access to the care package: 

  1. Choose the Annual Pro Plan or the Intensive Pro Plan.
  2. Use code WCNYC2014 at checkout.
  3. Jump into the Pro forums and introduce yourself to the community. (Our next Mastermind call is August 7th)
  4. After your membership grace period, enjoy all of the benefits of Matt Report Pro care package including a free year of hosting, Modern Business Pro theme + Conductor plugin to build your next client project.

Matt Report Pro Annual Membership package promotion starts July 29th and ends 1 week after WordCamp NY



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