Episode 35: Does the business track belong at WordCamp?

The thought that’s been floating around the #DramaPress twittersphere — Does the business track belong at WordCamp?

Chris Lema and Jake Goldman join me on a live Google hangout to chat about this topic and more. I’m not going to waste any time here, so let’s dive right in!

I’ve made the YouTube video available here along with an MP3 download. This is also available on iTunes.

Does business belong at WordCamp

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Little c vs big C

I’m just going to make way for your comments…

After reading this post on WP Daily, I asked Jake and Chris to join me in a roundtable talk about the business side of things. In the end, I don’t think we’re very far apart.

What do you think?



3 responses to “Episode 35: Does the business track belong at WordCamp?”

  1. This was actually one of the very few 1hr+ internet videos that I have watched in a long time. Thanks Matt for putting this together because dialogues like this are very important for the growing WordPress community.

    I definitely understand the concerns of both sides. To some extent I agree with Jake about the change of culture. I have been to numerous meetups and other so called “business events” where we have lawyers, coaches and accountants as speakers who usually end the presentation with here is my business card and you get 1 hr free consulting. I would hate for WordCamps to become like those events. At the same time, I agree with Chris because we definitely need some sort of business education as well.

    When I went to my first WordCamp (NYC 2009 because I was finally old enough to travel by myself), there was no business track. Most business talks were happening at the after parties in bars (or so I heard). I remember I couldn’t even get into some of those because min. age of 21 was required. Now after attending 25+ WordCamps over the years, I definitely think some of the business talks are very helpful specially for the younger generation.

    Lets talk about the Business track trend. Should every WordCamp have a business track? NO. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have business talks. Fit them in where applicable. if you can fill up the whole track with experienced folks, then sure go ahead and have a business track.

    Each WordCamp is different. Ask your local WordPress group what they are interested in learning and plan accordingly.

    1. Syed, I really appreciate you stopping by to comment and glad you found this worth your time.

      I agree with both sides of the fence, I’m sure we’ll be facing an interesting balancing act as the years go on.

      And let’s get you on the show! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Ha most definitely man. Hit me up, so we can schedule the time ๐Ÿ™‚

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