3 Tips For Shoveling Snow In The 2010 Blizzard

I’m back inside my home from the 4th round of shoveling snow. It’s the first blizzard of 2010 in Massachusetts.

Oh and it’s a State of Emergency.

3 Tips For Shoveling The 2010 Blizzard

Shovel Often

You will never keep up with the snow that is dropping from a blizzard. It’s better to shovel lighter amounts more frequently than heavy loads in the morning.

Stay Toasty

And I don’t mean too many layers.

I keep my hat, gloves, and scarf on the radiator in my kitchen. Every time I go outside, I’m warm for a good 10 minutes.

Stay Hydrated

I’ve been drinking a lot of tea to keep up with all the rounds of shoveling. It’s hard work, don’t find yourself getting fatigued.

What tips do you have? Post them below!

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