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Alex Denning & Ben Gillbanks of the MasterWP WordPress newsletter

In this episode, Matt Medeiros interviews Alex Denning and Ben Gillbanks who have started the newsletter MasterWP.    MasterWP weekly is the newsletter for WordPress professionals. Each week you can get a collection of apps, tools, and links that will make life better and provoke thought.  The newsletter provides a good mix of web standards and best practices.


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Alex Denning is the marketing piece of MasterWP and works with small and medium-sized WordPress solopreneurs, agencies and companies on their themes, plugins, and products, solving the marketing problem they don’t want to deal with.

Ben Gillbanks is the other part of MasterWP.  He is a WordPress developer, web designer, and part-time Entrepreneur who runs Pro Theme Design, a premium WordPress themes store.

What you will learn from this Episode:

The Three-Part Plan for MasterWP:

The Future of WordPress:

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