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A WordPress business resource bomb by @justlikeair

Shane is the man.

I tried to get him on the show a while back but our schedule’s didn’t line up. This past weekend, he ran on the business track at WordCamp San Francisco 2013.

Moderated by Matt Mullenweg and joined by past guest Brad Williams and future guest Jake Goldman Shane shared his knowledge on maturing from freelancer to agency. A topic we cover a lot on the Matt Report and a journey that a lot of us take a blind leap into.

Before the talk began, he dropped a knowledge bomb of links that I’ve gathered here for our consumption.

Thanks Shane!

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WordPress News & Media

Here’s the deal, WPEngine is funding an independent voice for WordPress news with the acquisition of the WPDaily archives.

Dubbed a publication, no WordPressy title in the name and almost magazine-like it’s a twist on what seems to be a tough nut to crack these days.

The WordPress media transformation is upon us. Not news — media.

Things are going to get interesting around here and I love it. Why does it matter?

  • Where are your eyeballs going to spend their time?
  • What about your ears?
  • What about your inbox?
  • Who are you going to follow on Twitter?
  • Which page will you Like?
  • Your 6 seconds on Vine?
  • Who you got in your Feedly?
  • YouTubes?
  • Instapaper?!

Let’s talk about this.

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