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Blogging 101: What’s your timeline for drafting featured posts?

I’m trying to face a cruel reality. Although, I’ve been reading “blogs” since they’ve been popular – I’ve never fully committed to running my own. Years ago (roughly 8 to 10) I had visions of creating my own community space. I was going to name it ‘Mplace’ and I would discuss business and computer related topics.

Ah the memories.

Recently I’ve found better means for managing my projects and look forward to blogging a lot more. I’m working to focus on all topics of Web Professionals. As I write, research and discover new topics, I’m faced with new obstacles:

  • How much time does a featured post take to write? (am I taking too long to write good stuff?)
  • When is good enough, good enough?
  • Will readers be interested in this topic? (can I reach readers with this topic?)

I have a lot of questions and concerns – totally ignoring my favorite mindset of just “doing the do.” I’m not an experienced writer by any means. I don’t know much about constructing a great flow or a flashy headline. On the other hand, I’m a perfectionist. So it drives me nuts that I’m none of the above.

So for those of you who tweet, micro-blog, and blog: How long does a featured post, on average, take you to write?

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