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20117ready.com Business Compliance Initiative

The Purpose

“20117ready.com was created to notify and provide compliant solutions for businesses effected by 201 CMR 17,  specifically section 17.04 outlining Computer System Security Requirements.  We offer a wide range of compliant products in the categories of E-mail, Network Security, and Disaster Recovery/Backups.”

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Are Web Professionals A Dying Breed? (Or Just Getting Started)

In an upcoming post, I will discuss the concepts I believe make up a great Web Professional. I’ve been actively researching the ingredients that make up such candidates. If you consider yourself a Web Professional, I’d love to know what keywords you consider define us on the web.  However, a quick glance at Google Insight, seems to uncover it may be a down trending title.

Or is it?

Google seems to associate Web Professional with a few different terms. More specific terms like Professional Web Design, Professional Web Design templates, and free Web Design templates. Is this just the affect of keywords sculpting the definition of a real Web Professional? Is it fair to us?
Or are Web Professionals not clearly defined yet?
Surely if your seeking a Web Professional, you need someone who understands web technology, social media/marketing, and vast knowledge on connecting you to online media outlets.

Thinking for the Weekend: Google Instant

I find it fitting that my first “Thinking for the Weekend” article is being written on my iPhone at one of my favorite Sushi bars.

Google Instant is creating quite a stir with SEO professionals and Web Professionals alike. Many people are wondering how their google ads will perform now that Google is predicting user searches before they finish.

I’m concerned too and I’ll be thinking about it over the weekend. Looking for the dust to settle on Monday and begin a plan of attack.

What are your thoughts?

Read more about Google Instant here.

Update: typos using the wordpress iPhone app.

Blogging 101: What’s your timeline for drafting featured posts?

I’m trying to face a cruel reality. Although, I’ve been reading “blogs” since they’ve been popular – I’ve never fully committed to running my own. Years ago (roughly 8 to 10) I had visions of creating my own community space. I was going to name it ‘Mplace’ and I would discuss business and computer related topics.

Ah the memories.

Recently I’ve found better means for managing my projects and look forward to blogging a lot more. I’m working to focus on all topics of Web Professionals. As I write, research and discover new topics, I’m faced with new obstacles:

  • How much time does a featured post take to write? (am I taking too long to write good stuff?)
  • When is good enough, good enough?
  • Will readers be interested in this topic? (can I reach readers with this topic?)

I have a lot of questions and concerns – totally ignoring my favorite mindset of just “doing the do.” I’m not an experienced writer by any means. I don’t know much about constructing a great flow or a flashy headline. On the other hand, I’m a perfectionist. So it drives me nuts that I’m none of the above.

So for those of you who tweet, micro-blog, and blog: How long does a featured post, on average, take you to write?

Smashing Magazine September Desktop Wallpaper 2010

As always, Smashing Magazine delivers the finest free desktop wallpaper for the month of September.

Smashing Magazine September 2010 Desktop Wallpapers

I went with “Summer’s End” and it looks great on my main PC. I really should start using some of these for my iPad wallpaper too. Which wallpaper did you pick?

The Month of Ramadan is a time for many in which we fast, worship, and evaluate ourselves in order to strive to become a better person. Summer came and now it is leaving, the month of Ramadan came and now it is also leaving us and so this design is to show the tranquility, beauty, and spirituality of this month but at the same time show the power of these last ten nights.” Designed by Arif Huda (Ihsaan|Fusion) from USA.

Website Maintenance 101: Backup. Backup. Backup. Did I mention, Backup?

Just a quick blurb about how important backing up your website data is for recovering last well known states.
Not just from a disaster standpoint of losing data in the event of an “outage” but also before upgrades or maintenance. I have been working to get a bbPress installation integrated into my blog for support and discussion purposes. Integrating bbpress with WordPress is not as straightforward as one may think (more on that later.)

Luckily, right before rendering my MatthewM.org blog database useless, I made a complete site backup using my web hosting control panel. After realizing I could no longer login to my WordPress back end, I quickly restored from my complete backup. My site was back up and running within minutes and it’s back to the drawing board.

There you have it. Backing up your files is not just for major outages or catastrophes anymore. It’s also for when you do stupid things without reading the entire manual!