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Small Victories Are Gratifying

Recently, we launched our first WordPress plug-in at Slocum Design Studio. The WP Evernote Site Memory plug-in is a useful addition for your visitors using the Evernote note taking app. This was the first plug-in we’ve been able to produce and give back to the community of WordPress and Evernote. It was an exciting experience putting it all together and publishing it.

We use WordPress to create custom and dynamic websites for our clients. We’re at a little over 100 downloads of the plug-in as of this writing and we’re proud of this small victory. We are passionate about providing a quality product to our clients and hope that the quality resonates in code we develop for the community.

When you’re passionate about something, these small victories seem epic. So, what are you passionate about?

What have been your recent victories (or defeats?)

Evernote Site Memory Plugin for WordPress

About the Plug-in

The Slocum Design Studio development team is excited to announce the availability of our newly developed WP Evernote Site Memory plugin for WordPress!

Last week, Evernote announced the availability of their Site Memory Button. With this, users of Evernote can clip a website’s content into their Evernote notebook with the click of a button, and the website’s owner has full control over what is clipped. This was a wonderful announcement for site owners everywhere, because until now, it has been tough to control how your website is clipped into Evernote for users to read and reference later.


Evernote is a great service that the entire Slocum Design Studio team uses. The app is great to capture anything on on the web, a photo via an iPhone, or to jot down quick notes during a meeting. Evernote is cross platform and runs on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPads and even Android phones. We would not be able to get through the day without Evernote. At a mere $45 dollars a year (premium version; free available) – it’s a great buy!

Although the folks at Evernote have made the Site Memory button as simple to configure as possible, not everyone knows how to code HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. SDS decided to develop a plugin that does the dirty work for you. Upon activating the plugin, a clip it button is automatically added to the bottom of every post and page on your WordPress blog. No knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP or JavaScript is needed.

At SDS, we use WordPress for clients in search of Blogs and CMS web design; we’re happy to give back to the WordPress and Evernote communities by developing the WP Evernote Site Memory plugin. The plugin is available for download below. To see it in action, test it out on our website. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them below.


WP Evernote Site Memory gives you the ability to customize the following options:

  • Provider’s Name
  • Title Format
  • Suggested Notebook
  • Content ID to be clipped
  • Evernote Affiliate Code
  • Button Style
  • Clip Style
  • Note Signature
  • Note Header
  • Note Footer
  • Normal or Minified JavaScript
[nggallery id=3]


  1. Download and unzip the WP Evernote Site Plugin
  2. Upload the plugin folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. If desired, customize the settings in the Settings->Site Memory

You can also further customize the button with css styles.

The button is 3 components, a <div>, an <a>, and an <img>. They are assigned the CSS classes evernoteSiteMemory, evernoteSiteMemoryLink, and evernoteSiteMemoryButton respectively.


Download WP Evernote Site Memory

Thinking for the Weekend: Evernote Site Memory Plugin for WordPress

Well that was fun!

For the greater part of the week, my development team and I have been working on making a WordPress plugin for the Evernote Site Memory button. We have submitted it to WordPress.org and our official announcement and homepage of the plugin can be found here: Evernote Site Memory Plugin for WordPress by Slocum Design Studio

In my recent blog post, Evernote Clip my Blog, I quickly discussed the benefits of Evernote. Specifically, how useful clipping content from a website is for readers and site owners alike. I plan on talking about Evernote a lot in my Web Professional toolkit series.

So, over the weekend, will you be adding our new WordPress plugin to your site? We hope so!

Evernote Memory Clip my Blog!

The great folks over at Evernote are making life a little easier for us to clip the content we need. Recently, they announced the new Evernote Site Memory clipper. Evernote is part of my Web Professional toolkit and I can’t get enough of it. I plan to post more about the features, function, and benefits of the app soon.

The app is free for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and in the Android market. I’m a subscriber to the Premium version, which gets you a ton of features and no ads for only $45 bucks a year! Read more here.

In the meantime, go ahead and clip this page to get started. This will show you how easy it is to use the app and start saving the important information you need!


Are Web Professionals A Dying Breed? (Or Just Getting Started)

In an upcoming post, I will discuss the concepts I believe make up a great Web Professional. I’ve been actively researching the ingredients that make up such candidates. If you consider yourself a Web Professional, I’d love to know what keywords you consider define us on the web.  However, a quick glance at Google Insight, seems to uncover it may be a down trending title.

Or is it?

Google seems to associate Web Professional with a few different terms. More specific terms like Professional Web Design, Professional Web Design templates, and free Web Design templates. Is this just the affect of keywords sculpting the definition of a real Web Professional? Is it fair to us?

Or are Web Professionals not clearly defined yet?

Surely if your seeking a Web Professional, you need someone who understands web technology, social media/marketing, and vast knowledge on connecting you to online media outlets.


20117ready.com Business Compliance Initiative

The Purpose

“20117ready.com was created to notify and provide compliant solutions for businesses effected by 201 CMR 17,  specifically section 17.04 outlining Computer System Security Requirements.  We offer a wide range of compliant products in the categories of E-mail, Network Security, and Disaster Recovery/Backups.”

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