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Drupal Real Estate Home Page

Drupal Real Estate

Drupal Real Estate is a case study of Drupal and it’s powerful contributed module base. This is a fully featured real estate app created by MatthewM.org and Bittennails.com. All of the features/function you see (and don’t see in the backend) are 99% completed using Drupal Contributed modules. If you have questions about our Drupal Real Estate project use the contact form to reach us.

Drupal Real Estate Home Page Features

This is the dynamic landing page for the real estate application. It features a slideshow gallery with the intent to showcase the real estate company or region. A quick search bar to search listings. An interactive Google map that plots any number of featured properties. Lastly, a featured property carrousel similar to ziprealty website.

The integration of Google maps and linking them to the specific properties is one of my favorite parts of this project. We use this for both listing and rental availability. We can customize each call out bubble on the map. Various colors, sizes and embedded data can be controlled.

The listing pages can be adjusted to list and sort any field from the listing data. Thumbnail sizes can also be adjusted to a specific size. The thumbnail is generated from the first picture of the listing photo gallery; there is no need to create another cropped photo.

Interior listing pages have many dynamic areas. Most of the data is placed into tabs that a user can tab through to view desired information. Some of the interesting points are open house dates that are tied to a global open house calendar and embedding video walk through that may be hosted on an external site. The gallery has unique animation when scrolling through the images. Each property listing also generates a smaller snippet of google maps for each location.

Drupal Views to build custom pages with access control

In this screencast, I demonstrate building custom content pages that are accessible to different roles. I use views and it’s built in access control function to accomplish this. The example consists of three custom content types and three different roles. I will build the content pages, use devel mod to fill in test data, build the view and grant access to specific roles. If you want me to create a screencast to tackle your specific need, contact me on twitter! http://twitter.com/mattmedeiros