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Are Web Professionals A Dying Breed? (Or Just Getting Started)

In an upcoming post, I will discuss the concepts I believe make up a great Web Professional. I’ve been actively researching the ingredients that make up such candidates. If you consider yourself a Web Professional, I’d love to know what keywords you consider define us on the web.  However, a quick glance at Google Insight, seems to uncover it may be a down trending title.

Or is it?

Google seems to associate Web Professional with a few different terms. More specific terms like Professional Web Design, Professional Web Design templates, and free Web Design templates. Is this just the affect of keywords sculpting the definition of a real Web Professional? Is it fair to us?
Or are Web Professionals not clearly defined yet?
Surely if your seeking a Web Professional, you need someone who understands web technology, social media/marketing, and vast knowledge on connecting you to online media outlets.

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