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20117ready.com Business Compliance Initiative

The Purpose

“20117ready.com was created to notify and provide compliant solutions for businesses effected by 201 CMR 17,  specifically section 17.04 outlining Computer System Security Requirements.  We offer a wide range of compliant products in the categories of E-mail, Network Security, and Disaster Recovery/Backups.”

As Director of Web Services at Cape.com and Meganet Communications I created an active initiative specifically for compliance – 20117ready.com. It is an informative portal that promotes our offerings helping small business become compliant, educate on our product/service, and gain more insight into the compliance industry. 20117ready.com has important and useful links to help visitors learn about the new Massachusetts state compliance laws. Cape.com and Meganet Communications have been offering compliant products for years with hopes that new and existing clients can benefit from them.

20117ready.com serves as a checklist to three major categories of compliance. E-mail, Data, and Security make up the three core offerings. Within the offerings are products and services such as:

A quote from a recent article on Small Business WISP

“We hope everyone had a great summer, we certainly did. As the season sadly comes to a close, now is the perfect time to review your data security compliance. Along with the physical security measures you’ve put in place to safeguard your customer’s PII (personally identifiable information), to reach full compliance with 201 CMR 17 you must also have a Written Information Security Plan (WISP) on file.”

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We have begun writing useful blog articles for visitors to learn more about the dynamic landscape of the compliance market. Our active writers include myself, Jim Smith, and Russ Benoit. We aim to add more value to our site than just promoting product. By staying on top of industry news, we can adjust our services and create better targeted solutions for small business.

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